I was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1974.

I first took up photography at the beginning of the digital era, in 1999, becoming more serious about it throughout the 2000s and beyond. It was only ever going to be digital photography with me: the messiness of the chemicals, never mind the money required at the time, was a significant barrier. On the other hand, already having a computer meant I could store, sort, categorise and manipulate the images comparatively easily. Having previously demonstrated no visual talent whatsoever meant there was a long learning curve, of which I am somewhere in the middle.

My first serious moment with photography was in 2001, when walking along the South Wall to the Poolbeg Lighthouse on a particularly clear day in November. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful, albeit extremely cold, walk. I looked at the pictures I'd taken with my Sony Cybershot when I came back and was struck by the instensity of the purple tonality, which I had in no way intended and had not really seen. At that moment I vowed to understand, and to practice until I explicitly achieved effects that I wanted, rather than had them emerge by accident. I named this site after that walk, and the imaginary name I had for that area of the coast, mirroring the North Bull island visible a short distance away.

I am a little further along now, but not much.

I have over 100k digital images, and a storage problem.

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